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2015 Germany TUV third-party audit
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                                         2015 Germany TUV third-party audit


March 4, 2015, "the German TUV business outside the trial" Sun Dong teacher, Wu Ze teacher and his party for our review. Sun, Wu told me about the company's management processes, management and control programs through a rigorous audit department heads Marketing, Quality, Production and Technology Department, Planning Department and other detailed answer to the teacher's He asked teachers to strictly enforce our various processes, expressed appreciation for the plan, but also made a number of professional requirements.


Sun teacher for our workshop carried out a detailed view of our production process, quality control,Finished and semi-finished products management audit, these internal strength of the practice is that we stand in the present market. Under the guidance of TUV system, we market-oriented, to the world more confident. Meanwhile Christine Zhu Purui Ma outer electrons passed German TUV enterprise trial!


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